Mobile Sales App in the Field for Tablets & Smartphones

Record sales meetings, visit and service reports out of the office


Sales reps have many appointments with customers on a daily basis, which later have to be documented in the form of visit reports in CRM.

Often reports are made in one go at the end of the week, as considerable time is needed for this. During the appointment, however, the customer reveals valuable information, which should be entered into the CRM system as soon as possible.

The SIMLEA Lead App by alivello enables your sales reps to record the received information quickly, conveniently and easily via the smartphone or tablet.

Via interfaces to CRM systems, histories can be recorded seamlessly, which other company areas, such as colleagues or successors can view at any time.

Free administration of reports in the backend system

By accessing a very simple and intuitive platform in the backend system, you can make an individualised report for your field visit within a few minutes.

Overview of the benefits of the SIMLEA Sales Rep/Service Lead App

Our Lead App for sales reps has – once installed on the Smartphone or tablet – enormous benefits for your sales department. Modern technology enables your colleagues not only to work in a smart way, but you can also profit from an improved image for your company as an attractive side effect.

The SIMLEA Field Service Lead App by “alivello“ offers:

  • Individualised visit reports in a few minutes, stored in the backend system and distributed to all devices
  • Using the full range of functions even when offline
  • Access to master data and customer information in the field service App
  • Service orders
  • Uniform administration and ultra-fast synchronization of company and product information such as presentations, PDF, MP3, videos etc. to the mobile devices
  • The direct transfer of signatures for use of data (GDPR) or placing orders via the CRM system
  • Recording visit reports within a few seconds
  • Interfaces to CRM systems or exports of data in .csv, .xls, .xml format

A highlight for manufactures in indirect marketing via trading partners/resellers

On the basis of granular permission structures, you decide whether your sales partner may indeed retrieve information from the manufacturer or may only send it to the manufacturer. This allows you to ensure that “external sales reps” do not have access to internal company information. 

But what is a good visit report?

A good visit report has the following characteristics

  • It is short and to the point
  • Has significant customer information
  • Refers to the customer’s interests
  • Documents order information and the most important discussion points
  • Summarises follow-ups arising from this

With the help of our Lead App for sales reps and sales departments, you create informative visit reports, order forms or service reports, which are available to sales reps and service staff in real-time.

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