SIMLEA in preparation for home office

SIMLEA in preparation for home office

The coronavirus obliges us to take exceptional measures

Dear customers and interested parties of SIMLEA,

the coronavirus keeps us all on our toes and obliges us to take extraordinary measures.

In order to protect our employees, their relatives and our fellow human beings, we have decided to let our employees work from their home office, sometimes even at the request of our customers, in order to minimize risks.

The changeover will take place in phases in order to always ensure the best possible quality and not to overload the technical capacities. Even though we are technically better positioned than average for our company size, we want to prevent any loss of quality and have decided to implement the change in several stages.

If, contrary to expectations, there should nevertheless be isolated bottlenecks or if our availability should be limited on the extension numbers of our employees or on our switchboard, we ask for your understanding in the current situation.

In this case we ask for a short e-mail to the known persons or to, so that we can take care of your request.

Thank you very much for your understanding regarding the measures.

Oliver Edinger
Managing Director of "alivello" Solutions GmbH

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