The perfect story for your trade fair invitation management


What if your prospects and customers would WANT to visit your booth without you having to undertake expensive measures?


Nowadays, trade fair budgets are tight so that greater successes need to be achieved with them.

Both complicated appointment arrangements and not encountering the right contact person annoys fair trade visitors.


Our storytelling invitation management is the solution for your successful tradefair invitation management process!


The program helps you to develop the story you need in order to convince your target audience.  As a result, you will get along with a considerably reduced budget and will simultaneously profit from full exhibition booths at the trade fair.

After all, already the renowned psychologist Jerome Bruner discovered that storytelling leads to a 22-fold higher willingness to contact customers. 

Together with our partner Florian Hommeyer, we have created the following package for your perfect trade fair invitation. That way, we make sure that your customers will visit your booth at any cost.

  • a two-day storytelling workshop in Ladenburg
  • the creation of four invitation e-mails addressed to your selected target audience (with calls-to-action for booking appointments with the sales department at the exhibition booth)
  • the SIMLEA Lead App with all its functions (including a bilingual form as well as the possibility to include an unlimited number of leads, users and photos of business cards)
  • analysis and reporting of the response rate to the invitations and the recorded leads
  • dinner with Florian Hommeyer and Daniel van Lierop at the end of the first workshop day (with question and answer session)
  • The workshop will be limited to a maximum of four participants from two companies - that way, you will have the chance to create the perfect story for your company

Florian Hommeyer

B2B Storyteller, LinkedIn creator & coffee lover

Florian Hommeyer is a certified trainer, keynote speaker and storytelling expert.

His "#LinkedInCoffeeBreak" provides his followers with valuable content on a weekly basis and delivers real added value on the topic of storytelling.


"People don't buy "the best" or "the cheapest" product. They buy the product or service they understand the easiest. Stories help people to understand products and brands. Make your company an attention leader with your story!"

Storytelling workshop and SIMLEA Lead App for trade fair exhibitors

Package price: 5.950,00 € netto

  • two-day workshop in Ladenburg, Germany (including the development of your own story for the perfect invitation  process as well as a dinner with Florain Hommeyer and Daniel van Lierop)
  • four invitation e-mails with your own perfect story
  • the SIMLEA Lead App fully equipped with all functions for the entire trade fair
  • comprehensive reporting of the responses to the invitations as well as of the leads generated at the trade fair itself
  • limitation to a maximum of four participants from two companies


Do you want your company to distinguish itself from the masses? Have you always liked the idea to invite your customers to your booth in such an outstanding way that they will immediately WANT to visit your booth?
Then make your request now!



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