Mobile Field Service Technican  App for Tablets & Smartphones

Enter service reports or repair orders while on the go using your smartphone or tablet


The efficiency of service technicians used in the field service is a key factor in customer service. It is all the more important in the age of digitalisation to base technology on efficient processes in the field service to avoid overloading service employees with long and complex data maintenance tasks.

The SIMLEA Lead App from „alivello“ enables your service technicians to retrieve existing information about the customer and order, to process it quickly, conveniently and in a straightforward manner using their smartphones or tablets and synchronise it with the internal systems.

Thanks to interfaces to internal systems like ERP, CRM, Finance, Cloud etc. information can be entered via the mobile SIMLEA app and then returned seamlessly to your system.

Free administration of reports in the backend system

With the SIMLEA Lead App for the Field Service, you can administer an extremely flexible system independently and create an app in accordance with your requirements for service technicians.

Overview of benefits of the SIMLEA Field Service/Service Lead App

Service technicians and project engineers can call up, process and complete created orders, which have either been automatically imported from an external system through an interface or loaded to the system as an upload and data source with all the details relating to the customer, order, deadline, technical system or problem.

Fully automated service documentation in the form of a service report or customer acceptance report is sent to the customer and rounds off the experience of a service technician visit to your customers.

System integration

Our iPaas (Integration as a Service) solution enables automated, error-free, and secure data exchange between multiple or single software applications, databases, platforms, and IT systems. This will save you time in importing, exporting, and manipulating data, but it will allow you to focus on the actual implementation of the information gained from that data.

An extensive library of predefined connectors (100+) for speedy connection of SaaS and on-premise software solutions.

Über 100 Standard Konnektoren zu Fremdsystem stehen zur Verfügung

Thus, we enable business applications such as Salesforce, MS Dynamics Navision, Magento or other systems and databases to be connected more quickly.

The SIMLEA Field Service App from „alivello“ offers:

  • Customisable service reports
  • The full scope of functions also when used offline
  • Access to master data and customer information in the field service app
  • Fully automated follow-up dispatch of service reports internally (invoices, back office etc.) and externally (e.g. customers, partners)
  • Standardised administration of documents such as repair instructions, product information etc. synchronised in a matter of seconds with the mobile devices
  • Reports are transmitted directly to your system (ERP, CRM, Finance, Cloud etc.) via freely configurable interfaces
  • Service reports can be entered within just a few seconds


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